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I seem to be happier when the Ashes on

10 Dec
The Ashes Urn

The Ashes Urn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Andrew Flintoff takes his 5th wicket of the ma...

Andrew Flintoff takes his 5th wicket of the match, knocking out Peter Siddle’s middle stump to help England beat Australia in the 2nd 2009 Ashes Test (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I seem to be happier when the Ashes Test Cricket is on. Ashes Test Cricket is between Australia & England. So far two tests have being played. The third test is on this coming Friday. I have being watched much as possible on television from my home in Sydney, Australia. If not watching TV, then keeping posted on my smartphone. Either reading Twitter feeds or using the smartphone browser. It is a good distraction for me. It does signify the Australian summer. I like watching cricket but hated playing cricket at school. I was a hopeless cricket player. I could not bowl, bat & had butter fingers for fielding. I am interested in the numbers & the many statistics that signifies cricket. I do barrack for Australia. So far so good. Australia are leading the current series 2-0. But there are three tests remaining. My prediction is for the Australia to get the Ashes back. A good ending to end the year of 2013. I wish all followers a Happy Christmas & a Happy New Year.